What you need to

know about Shih Tzus!

Bred by Tibetian monks. Gifted to Chinese royalty. Reared by a fierce Mongolian Emperor to keep his trained hunting-lions calm. The majestic Shih Tzu has come a long way from the pristine courtyards of grand palaces to the living rooms of modern czars, as treasured companions and playful pets.

Shih Tzu Care

Care for that royal coat

The lush coat of a Shih Tzu has a mesmerizing effect on pet lovers as well as its mates. Therefore, brushing becomes a strict daily ritual to protect their opulent fur.

Rush to the Brush

Being a miniature dog, Shih Tzus are prone to dental issues. You can prevent tartar formation by brushing their teeth with a soft-tooth brush and feeding an adapted nutritional solution.

Head start to good health

A brachycephalic breed - Shih Tzus have a typical round head that is broader than it is long. They need food that is designed for easier pick up and chewing. The size of the kibble matters.

Nutrition bred from pure knowledge,

for the purest breeds.

Discover a breed-specific pet food that is formulated on the basis of scientific knowledge and breeder experience. Created specifically for the Shih Tzu, this food formulation addresses the breed’s specific needs, according to age and lifestyle characteristics.

Shih Tzu Nutrition

Healthy skin & coat

Enriched with borage oil, this formula maintains skin health (EPA & DHA, Vitamin A) and nourishes the coat.

Dental health

This formula helps reduce tartar formation thanks to calcium chelato.

Stool and odour reduction

This formula helps reduce faecal smell and volume.